The event model of our application facilitates parking on a larger and more organized scale. If you have an event, we can enhance your attendants’ experiences by making it that much more accessible

What We Can Do

There’s nothing more frustrating for event-goers than arriving at their favorite event, only to realize that parking is nowhere to be found. Our event model caters to large events by providing additional convenient parking spaces. We acquire the parking stalls from local home and business owners nearby your event, then connect your attendants to them via our application. Drivers have the option of either looking up your event through our application and choosing a parking stall, or inputting a promotional code set up by you, which immediately connects them to the cheapest and closest stall to your event.

Location Analysis

We will analyze your event location and size to figure out how we can best accommodate your event with easy parking

Convenient Parking

We will provide your event with convenient stalls, leaving attendants stress free from parking, paying, and looking for a stall

How We Can Do It

In order for us to acquire the necessary parking stalls for your event, we will need a financial incentive for the home or business owners to sublease their empty spaces. With your funding, we will pay the sublessors a flat rate of $25 per stall they choose to leave open for the duration of your event (open to negotiation). On the day of your event, we will provide these stalls for your attendants by charging them a flat rate to sublease the stall until your event is over.

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