Stall Owner

Turn your empty driveway into a source of income. Register with us, then sit back, relax, and get paid

Why Register Your Stall?

The only thing better than relaxing is getting paid while doing it. Our system requires minimal effort from homeowners: all you need is a vacant parking stall and a set time of availability. If you’re constantly on the go, leaving for vacation, or simply have an extra parking stall in your driveway, register your stall with Rezerv and set the hours of availability so that you can make passive income and contribute to the decongestion of street parking. If your property is being rented, as long as your contract does not prohibit subletting your stall is eligible for registration.

Register Your Stall

Register your stall location on this website, it’s as simple as that

Set Your Availability

All you have to do is let us know your stall’s vacant hours

Get Paid

We will market and price your stall by analyzing local competition in order to make YOU maximum profit

Security Measures

Our system ensures homeowner anonymity by keeping all personal information private until the driver’s necessary information is collected. We monitor every transaction and will be readily available to mediate any disturbances or damages to your property. If a driver were to overstay his/her welcome, we will be notified and have their vehicle towed promptly.